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Ekiben x Susan Yoon
$65 per person

This new Ekiben Series collaboration features Chef Susan Yoon who has been a prominent voice in the Los Angeles dining scene, lending her skills and talent to many of the city’s best restaurants.
We welcome her to our team. Together we’ve created a bento that pays tribute to her Korean heritage while celebrating the influences of her Los Angeles upbringing.

Proceeds from this bento will benefit No Us Without You LA, a non-profit public charity providing food security for restaurant industry staff and their families.

Items include:

Smoked hamachi

Scallop crudo

Gochujang miso black cod
Lobster shishito peppers

Cured peads & barnetts pork belly

Baek kimchi

Silken tofu

Satsuma imo almond cake

Sake kasu panna cotta

Our new Susan Yoon Ekiben collaboration is available for pickup through Tock every Wednesday through Saturday. Reservations are released every Saturday at 10AM PST. We also offer a curated list of wines, sakes, cocktails, and non-alcoholic beverages to accompany your meal.

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Due to the limited nature of these offerings, we sincerely apologize for not being able to accommodate any dietary restrictions or modifications. Thank you so much for supporting us during these times.

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