We're excited to welcome you back for dine-in service. Reservations will be released Sundays at 10:00am PST via Tock.

Upcoming Reservation Releases
Sun, July 11 for reservations on August 11 - 13
Sun, July 18 for reservations on August 18 - 21
Sun, July25 for reservations on August 25 - 28
Sun, August 1 for reservations on September 1 - 4
* We will be closed July 21 - 24 and August 14

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We offer two 13-course menu options:
* Modern California Kaiseki $285
* Vegetarian Kaiseki $245

Dinners are served at a relaxed pace and typically last around two and a half hours.

Dietary Restrictions
While we do our best to accommodate dietary restrictions, please note that in order to maintain the integrity of our dishes, there are certain requests we cannot facilitate - including, but not limited to: no fish/seafood, meat only, no vegetables, and severe bean or gluten allergies that would exclude all soy sauce or miso.
If you have any questions, please email us in advance of making a reservation.

Cancellation Policy
All reservation sales are final and non-refundable. You may transfer your reservation to another person via Tock. If you do not confirm your reservation by phone, email or SMS, it will be canceled. Reservations available through Tock are to be purchased on an individual basis only, not in bulk and resold. We reserve the right to cancel reservations made for commercial purposes at our sole discretion.