n/naka is reservations only and we are open for dinner Wednesday through Saturday. We accept reservations up to three months in advance. New reservation slots open up on Sundays at 10AM PST.

Upcoming reservations

Sunday, October 6 @ 10AM, reservations open for January 8 - 11
Sunday, October 20 @ 10AM, reservations open for January 22 - 25
Sunday, October 27 @ 10AM, reservations open for January 29 - February 1
Sunday, November 3 @ 10AM, reservations open for February 5 - 8

We offer two types of 13-course menus (modern kaiseki/$275 or vegetarian tasting/$225) and a variety of beverage options, including a wine/sake pairing. Dinners are served at a relaxed pace and typically last around two and a half to three hours.

n/naka osechi
Saturday, December 28 - Tuesday, December 31
Reservations open on Tuesday, November 26 @ 10AM
Only one menu selection
We kindly decline any food restrictions

Allergies and modifications: our kitchen is not set up to accommodate life-threatening or otherwise severe food allergies. If there are any other requests, please send them to us when we confirm your reservation and menu selection and we will handle each instance as reasonably possible by substitute or omission.

Please note however, that in order to maintain the integrity of our dishes, there are certain dietary accommodations we cannot facilitate - including, but not limited to requests for: no vegetables, no fish/meat only, no seafood (including kelp broth) and severe bean or gluten allergies that would exclude all soy sauce or miso.
If you have any questions, please email us in advance of making a reservation.

n/naka will be closed
October 16 - November 2
November 28 - November 29
December 25 - Dec 27
January 1 - 4
January 15 - 18

Cancellation Policy Please note that all cancellations must be made at least 7 days in advance of your reservation date. Anything outside of that time frame will be subject to a late cancellation fee of $85 per person to be charged to the credit card on file. If you do not confirm your reservation by phone, email or SMS, it will be canceled.

To make a reservation (or get on a waitlist/notification list) online, please click below.

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